Thursday, November 20, 2014


So often we trust so easily or not easily enough, but in such a wonderful and miserable world- how do we truly know who to trust? Usually, we trust someone until they prove us that we should never have trusted them in the first place and when this happens one too many times-we stop trusting all together. Does it ever have to get to this point? If we all just knew who to trust always then we would never have this problem right? If everyone was completely transparent in their motives and purpose, emotions and feelings, then we would know exactly who to trust right (and there would be absolutely no mystery...boring...)? But maybe its not so simple, some people do present themselves as transparent, they are clear in their actions, concise with their words but in the end- we are human. We are dynamic we experience things in life that change our outlook, our motives, our thoughts- just because we are transparent does not take our right to change our minds. It is bound to happen, we are bound to change our views or thoughts and suddenly that person you once trusted, has changed. Do you still trust them? By trusting them still you risk getting hurt but it goes the same for when you stop trusting someone- you hurt more than just yourself.
Over my life I have trusted and been let down, I have trusted and been supported, and have been trusted and lost it. Being let down is never pleasant, whether you expect it or not- it stings. Learn from every experience but especially these because times when you're most emotional often reveal the most valuable lessons, lessons that you will remember (hopefully). Personally, I have "learned" from these lessons, yet continue to trust untrustworthy people... getting hurt sucks honestly but I wouldn't trade it for the world because, personally, I rather be open to all and get hurt every time than be closed to all and never get close to anyone. When trust works out it is one of the most comforting feelings this world can offer. There is almost nothing better than being supported and loved unconditionally by those around you, and this is exactly what trust entails. When you lose someone's trust, however, it is probably one of the worst feelings in life. The person who once trusted you, no longer feel protected by you, they don't feel loved by you, and they certainly don't feel your support. Everyone makes mistakes and there are several situations that could lead to this but it is important to put in the effort needed to gain this trust back gradually but ONLY if you are willing to continue to put in the effort. If you are not committed, there is no point in breaking someone's heart a second time. "Trust is earned, not given" and it certainly takes a while to gain back after it is lost, so be patient and be understanding.
Trust is risky, trust is terrifying, and trust is complicated. But trust is also so simple and clear. Love unconditionally and you will gain trust, you will likely get hurt more than once in your life- learn from it. Be patient, be kind, and be understanding. Trust in trust and you will be gratified.
~A Duck Inspired

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