Sunday, October 26, 2014

First Steps

Taking our first steps: a milestone recorded within every family, numerous recordings, teetering steps, gasps of sheer pleasure- your first sign of independence. Upon birth we are all different but looked upon in the same way- babies, distinguished only by weight, height, and race. The only proof of individuality being our hand/foot prints, and a name that at least one other individual in the world is bound to have.
As we continue through life we develop our identities, personalities, beliefs, values- we become true individuals. It is the time of discovery, mistakes, and growth- its excitement, defeat, and accomplishment. So often we know so little about those around us, in a world bustling with opportunity and life we forget to take the opportunity to be a part of others' lives, and let others become a part of our lives.
So here is my way of showing you who I am, what I believe, and where I stand- my attempt to let you into my life in the hopes that I may become a part of yours.
I am called Katarina, Kat, Kit-Kat, KatBat, and duck- but I am known by few. I see myself as average as anyone else, but wish to see how others perceive me. I take pride in my "duck-running" , a leg-flailing, ankle turning dance that I have known my entire life. It has induced many falls, criticisms, and laughter but with it has come strength, confidence, and identity. I am a daughter with no true siblings, yet I am a sister to teams of over sixty-five girls of which I've left behind and to friends who have been nothing but family to me. I believe in not only unconditional love but, more importantly, unconditional friendship. I am the biggest hypocrite you will ever encounter: willing to help most everyone, while refusing to accept help myself; advocating learning from mistakes, while hating myself for my own; build confidence and empowerment in others, yet am my own worst enemy.
I am an average person hoping to convince others that they are more than that. I am an individual with a desire to create unity. I am a Duck Inspired.