Monday, November 10, 2014


**various forms of the word "communication" are used over 21 times in this entry... I apologize in advance, it wasn't easily avoided...but my hope is this: if I repeat communication that many times, people will actually start utilizing it...(its worth a shot)***

"Communication is key" one of many pieces of life advice I will always remember from my track Coach, a saying that should apply in everyones' life. In a world where communication is now so complicated, people forget how simple it is. Communication can be anything from being clear on where you walk on the sidewalk when you pass people (you know those awk dances you have with strangers when you don't know where each other is walking?), those awk dances can be avoided by being clear. Communication can be visual, body language is everything- its when our body language doesn't match our words that we have issues. Clear and concise- they're the two most important elements of communication.
Any type of relationship: a friendship, a familial relationship, a romantic relationship, business, academic, etc. will deteriorate the second communication within that relationship stops. In a world full of such technology that "aids" our communication with forms of messaging such as texting and social media such as twitter and facebook etc. it seems that we have forgotten how to interact as human beings. So do these ways of communication really help us communicate? Or are they simply leading to a movement of miscommunication? Am I a hypocrite? Yes. (I told you that from the beginning). I have a twitter, instagram, facebook, and look! A blog...Hi. However, one thing I always make sure of in my daily life, is to improve upon and practice effective communication. While we have so many forms of electronic communication, there is no reason why we can't see each other face to face and have a wonderful conversation... that's my favorite part about having relationships and interactions with other people! Is it truly an interaction if you are hidden behind a screen? Is that the difference between interaction and communication? Or can we simply just not have quality interactions without effective communication? Personally, communication is something I stress in my relationships with people now so often because I have made so many mistakes with miscommunication before. Conflict can often be prevented with a simple conversation, an update of "where you're at", a discussion of issues, a debate- all forms of communication that help others better understand each other. Take that step. Tell someone you care about them, or if something is bothering you. If you don't understand something-ask. Don't let others tell you how you how a person feels without actually speaking to them- this is where assumptions are made, feelings are hurt, and relationships are broken. A friendship that could have easily been saved with a singular conversation.

Another point that leads into one of my biggest pet peeves is that: it takes more than one person to communicate in a relationship of any kind. If you are unwilling to communicate with me, I will try to fix it. Its when I cant fix it that I become frustrated. I will put everything into a relationship, friendship you name it, and I often don't expect much out of it. All I expect out of a relationship in my life is: respect and communication. If you do not put in an effort to maintain communication or interaction it is a major sign of disrespect. This goes for all the types of relationships listed above! For example, if a friend is upset at you for something they heard from someone else but is unwilling to confront you about it, they show that they are also unwilling to communicate-this is bad. If you try to salvage this and they are still unwilling to speak to you this is the point where the relationship is nearly destroyed. Don't get to this point. Just communicate. Have that awkward conversation, risk that argument-but don't risk your friendship by the fear or inability to express your emotions and thoughts towards that person. You are human, you will make mistakes, say things you may regret but don't fear it. Your effort to communicate will overpower the inconveniences of being human so get our there and don't just talk to people- talk with people.
~A Duck Inspired

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