Thursday, June 23, 2016

Loss Examined

More often than not , I see people (including myself) focus more on loss than anything else. Whether it's loss of life, loss of relations, or loss of a competition-that is all we see at first glance. Rather than remembering how much someone has taught us in their life, the first reaction is to question why they're gone-when we know it can't bring them back. Instead of learning from mistakes in lost relations, so many people continue on with blame, absent of recognition. Losing a game, anymore, is the end of the world! Why? Without loss, competition would not exist, there would be no drive -everyone would win ... At that point, would there even be such a concept of winning if we were all the same? Progress would come to a halt, mistakes and weaknesses would not be noticed, and strengths would not be harvested.
 Loss teaches. We lose friends, relationships, and business partners every day. Turbulence is not unecessary! People grow apart, no one ever said that we have to keep the same friends our entire life, if it works out? Great! I have a friend I've known since third grade and I couldn't be happier to have her in my life! But just as life is dynamic, so are relations and if we close ourselves off to other opportunities, and other people simply because we are afraid of losing friends... How close are your friends? 
When we speak of death, we avoid confrontation - we become tentative. What will offend someone? Can I ask that? Death puts a mute on our voice, while thoughts scream in our heads. When we do come in contact with death, our first question is usually "how did it happen?". A natural question, of course- but not one that will bring life back. Instead, why can't we laugh about our time with those who are lost? Bring their memory to life? Sure, their physical presence is absent , but they are still a part of our lives. We underestimate the power of conversation, movement, and memory in times of loss. We forget to appreciate those in our lives, all that they do and all that they are. We fail to recognize what surrounds us, and instead harp on what we don't have. And with that, a huge thank you goes out to all those in my life who make loss worth the gratitude I feel for you all, and every day I see on this earth that much better .
Much love and appreciation in memory and present,
A Duck Inspired 

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