Saturday, February 13, 2016

Expecting the unexpected

Let me start with: I'm sorry friends, I know I skipped a week but it just goes to show that everything slips away from us every once in a while! The important thing is, we're alive and I promise I will not make a habit of skipping out on all y'all ! 
These past two weeks have been absolutely and utterly ridiculous, I can't even begin to describe them because I couldn't honestly tell you where the days started and ended... But needless to say, I ran into a lot of highs and lows, routine and spontanaeity, and just the plain unexpected. This week, for me, has been all about breaking comfort zones and accepting the fact that I cannot always dictate where life takes me. This means opening my mind and my heart to situations I wouldn't normally ! For example, over the summer I developed this crazy fear of falling ... Yet I found myself climbing our rock wall on campus on a whim one day, and starting to learn pole vault for the majority of the week. Did I magically get over my fear of falling? Of course not. Is my mind more open? Absolutely. Small steps don't necessarily move mountains, but they bring us that much closer to overcoming what we once thought to be impossible. Life can be full of unexpected twists and turns, ups and downs, tears and laughter -but without them I doubt we would truly know what life is. One of my good friends made a really great analogy and joke the other day.  She turned to me a said "Kat, Life is like an EEG, without the ups and downs , you're probably just dead". While a hilarious and dark analogy, it just goes to show - those low moments in our lives aren't so bad after all! Without them, would we know if our highs truly exist? So instead of just watching life throw curve balls at us, let's throw life a couple of curveballs ourselves-be proactive. Climb that Rockwall (even if you only make it halfway up before panicking). Stop ignoring your fears. It's time for us to know we are NOT invincible but we ARE unstoppable. Keeping an open mind is just the start of a life more beautiful than we could ever imagine- a life that should never again be clouded by a closed mind. 
Much love to all of you on this fine Valentines Day! 
A Duck Empowered 

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