Saturday, February 14, 2015

Loneliness and Loving

Sometimes we lose our place, our way, our mind, and on those days sometimes we feel completely alone. There are two paths from here: Accept loneliness and ignore those around you, or really pause and accept that you have some really awesome people looking out for you. Of course, we all need time alone, time to compose ourselves when we're about to lose it, but don't bar the door forever! People love you, they care about you, and most certainly worry about you. Look around sometime and just think. Think about all the times of frustration, sadness, anger, and desperation you've had. Who was there? No one? Or was it really just you secluding yourself? Now think about who was there in times of happiness, excitement, laughter, and pride. Who was there? Probably the same people that were there for you at your worst. What we don't understand too often is that we don't need to be at our best for people to accept us at our worst. Its okay to let things slip once in a while, failing is not always negative in the scheme of things, and falling in front of people (both literally and figuratively) is better than falling when you're alone because guess what? There are people to help you up and you won't be on the next "Life Alert" commercial! But in all seriousness: next time you feel terribly alone, miserable, or otherwise- ask yourself if you're truly alone. When the answer is "no", let the people who love you in- you may think you're doing them a favor by shutting them out, or "protecting them" but that's when you need to get over yourself. They want to help you, your problems are not the end of their world, and with their support it won't be the end of your world either. Lastly, with Valentine's day here I feel obligated to say this: don't take people for granted. Don't wait to tell anyone that you love them or that you care about them. Sometimes I wonder if we didn't have these holidays built into our calendars, our schedules etc. would we remember to appreciate those around us at all? With a society based so much on time and deadlines we often forget what is truly important in our lives, instead we just try to get through the next item on our to-do list (don't get me wrong, I love my to-do list). So try spreading some of that love I know you all have- pleasantly surprise someone, you'll make their day (maybe even their week!). So throw it back to kindergarten today and do some "Show and Tell", show and tell those you love and those who support you how much you appreciate them.
Love Always,
A Duck Inspired

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